Wurus Summah Time Whipped Body Butter - 4 Oz


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About This Product: 

SUMMAH TIME - Wurus Whipped Body Butter has less of the heavier oils found in our WURUS ORIGINAL body butter

It is for that 90+ degree summer heat and humidity that makes us not want to moisturize at all.

Wurus Whipped Body Butter is a handmade mixture of African butters - Shea Butter (Karite) and Cocoa Butter- and African oils - Baobab Oil, Argan Oil and other oils.

The handmade mixture is made by one cousin in Senegal, who then ships it to her cousin in the United States who melts the mixture, whips it and packages it for sale.

All Wurus products are composed of 100% unrefined ingredients sourced from the African continent and will hydrate your skin and moisturize your hair.

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