Udhiyah - Qurbani Lamb Reservation - DEPOSIT (NYC - NJ ONLY) Tabaski


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This selection is a huge symbol of family joy and happiness.

The best moments are spent during Eid al adha (Eid al Kabir)

During tabaski, no part of the lamb is wasted. Every piece is put to good use. 

We took it to heart to offer our family of clients a similar experience through a specially sourced lamb products with almost all organs while adhering to safety guidelines.

Information about the lamb
Cut and portioned into serving sizes for your family and guests

    You will receive at least

    • 4 lamb shanks
    • Approximately 8 lamb loin chops
    • Approximately 8 chump chops
    • Approximately 12 forequarter (BBQ) chops
    • A large loin roast
    • An 8 point rack of lamb
    • 8 lamb cutlets
    • Lamb Liver
    • 2 traditional half leg 
    • Lamb neck chops with head
    • Lamb spare ribs

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