Social Entrepreneurship

SenAgro USA is a platform that sells African-inspired packaged food and cosmetics while supporting women entrepreneurs. The company's business model fits with social entrepreneurship in a number of ways.

First, SenAgro USA is committed to using natural, organic ingredients in its products, which aligns with the social entrepreneurship principle of environmental sustainability. The company's use of organic ingredients helps to reduce its environmental impact and promotes healthy living.

Second, SenAgro USA is dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs in Africa. A portion of the company's profits goes towards supporting these businesses, which helps to promote economic development and empowerment in these communities. This aligns with the social entrepreneurship principle of creating social and economic value.

SenAgro USA's business model is focused on creating both financial and social value, which is a key characteristic of social entrepreneurship. By selling high-quality products and supporting women entrepreneurs, the company is able to make a positive impact on both its customers and the communities it serves.

Best Regards

Elhadji Ndour

Founder of SenAgro USA


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