From humble roots to the future of African food service


SenAgro USA is where to shop to hit multiple birds with one stone:

  • Guaranteed satisfaction with safe and convenient shopping experience
  • Journey to Senegal with specially sourced exotic items
  • Social and Economic support to women farmers and entrepreneurs

The Promise

For us, it is simply about adding value to society. Our "born to serve" motto is at the core of everything we do. SenAgro USA is dedicated to introduce to the world, top quality African products and services.

Our Story

We are a family run business passionate about promoting appetizing senegalese-inspired foods praised for their super health benefits but are still largely undiscovered in the Western world. Our special selection is filled with 100% natural and gluten free products made to the highest safety standards in the world.

The Future of Food

As a black-owned company, we are passionate about raising awareness of African themed products and improving opportunities for women and black entrepreneurs. Africa has an honorable role to play with its huge untapped potential. We believe partnerships and joint ventures are critical to effectively promote African goods in the USA and around the world.

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