Ground Kinkeliba Seh~haw - 100G


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Kinkeliba also known as Seh~haw in Senegal Contains flavonoid antioxidants, promotes digestion, anti-aging, physical well-being and the quality of sleep.* Abstract Scientific name: combretum micranthum G Don Vernacular names: Seh~haw (Wolof); Kinkeliba (French). Kinkeliba is a shrub species often found in tiger bush and on hills in West Africa. Studies of the plant have revealed significant properties to support weight control, anti-aging, and aid in the purification of the body.* The leaves of this traditional bush tea yield a rich golden infusion with a refreshing, mildly nutty flavor. Kinkeliba is one of the highest sources of antioxidants tested among herbal teas. When Kinkeliba was discovered by the colonists and Arabs, it became the favorite infusion of the missionaries and military. They called it “la tisane de longue vie” ~Infusion of long life. 

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